Edison Daniel Bonilla Liberato

Position and Affiliation

Wildlife Technician, UF - Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Areas of Interest

Herpetology, spatial ecology, landscape ecology, illegal wildlife trade, wildlife monitoring, human-crocodylian conflict, and ethnozoology


BSc. Environmental Biology. Ibague University, Tolima, Colombia, 2023

Project Involvement

Daniel is currently involved in invasive species trapping (Argentine black and white tegu Salvator merianae), wildlife monitoring and crocodylian related projects. Additionally, in Colombia he is working and collaborating in different projects related to illegal wildlife trade, traditional knowledge and the cultural importance of wildlife within indigenous communities, crocodylians spatial ecology, and conflict between crocodylians and humans.


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Bonilla-Liberato, E.D., R. Otero Macea, C. Pinzón-Barrera, N. Farfán-Ardila, S.A. Balaguera-Reina. 2023. LEPTODEIRA ASHMEADII (False Mapana). DIET. Herpetological Review. 54(3): 486-487.

Bonilla-Liberato E.D., N. Farfán-Ardila, S.A. Balaguera-Reina. 2023. Aestivation of the spectacled caiman Caiman crocodilus in Colombia. Herpetological bulletin. 163: 42 – 43. 10.33256/hb163.4243.