Wildlife Habitat and Restoration in the Everglades Agricultural Area


Targeted surveys on birds in rice, flooded fields and ditches have shown a variety of nesting birds in the EAA. They utilize both internal field structures and ditch or field edges. Some species have unique habitat requirements that can be incorporated into habitat restoration plans, either for specific species or guilds or for general enhancement of wildlife. In addition, we are identifying habitat features that may serve to attract pest species such as blackbirds. This knowledge will allow us to work with farm managers to understand how habitat modification may help prevent or mitigate blackbird damage to agricultural crops.

Using data from surveys on bird use of cultivated and natural habitat in the EAA and working with areas identified as potential habitat restoration projects, we propose to 1) assist landowners in the construction of wildlife habitat on their property and find funding sources for habitat restoration 2) develop specific guidlines for the enhancement or restoration of habitat on private agricultural property 3) develop guild/species specific habitat restoration guidelines for animals in the EAA and 4) continue working to implement habitat restoration activities in STAs adjacent to the EAA.

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