Avishka Godahewa

Position and Affiliation

Rafael Crespo Conservation Intern, UF - Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Areas of Interest

Crocodilian Conservation and Managment, studying human-crocodile conflict and interaction in Sri Lanka, density surveys of C.palustris and C.porosus in Sri Lanka, crocodile rescues (nuisance crocs) in urban areas in Sri Lanka

Project Involvement

Avishka is the first Rafael Crespo Conservation Intern. He is currently involved in the CrocDocs's crocodilian monitoring project, where he is learning as much as he can about the Greater Everglades ecology and field research techniques. With this knowledge he will travel back to his home in Sri Lanka and implement his own research program. In his spare time, he tries to see as much of Florida as possible, and observe and photograph native wildlife.