Sidney Godfrey

Position and Affiliation

Wildlife Biologist, University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Areas of Interest

Herpetology, Wildlife Mangement and Conservation


M.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, Clemson University

B.S. Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science, Mississippi State University

Project Involvement

Sidney is primarily involved in the American alligator and American crocodile research and monitoring programs. He is also actively involved in the Everglades Invasive Reptile and Amphibian Monitoring Program, wherein he assists with herpetofaunal surveys and associated invasive species tracking, removal and necropsies.


Godfrey S.T., J.A. Duberstein, J. Mota, W. Moore. 2018. Anolis carolinensis (Green Anole). Natural History. Nest sites and communal nesting. Herpetological Review 49(1): 115. Full PDF

Antonov M.D., S.T. Godfrey, J.C. Newman. 2017. Plethodon chlorobryonis (Atlantic Coast Slimy Salamander). Geographic Distribution. Herpetological Review 48(1): 118. Full PDF