Zachary Butler

Position and Affiliation

Wildlife Biologist, University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Areas of Interest

Conservation Ecology, Invasive Species Management, Freshwater Ecology, Coastal Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Mammalogy, Herpetology


M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development - University of Georgia: Odum School of Ecology, 2020

B.S. Environmental Biology - Fort Lewis College, 2014

Project Involvement

Zach is currently involved in the CrocDocs’ Everglades Invasive Reptile and Amphibian Management Project, where he captures and removes invasive species such as Argentine black and white tegus, Burmese pythons, and Nile monitors throughout south Florida. He also assists with monitoring the native American crocodile and American alligator populations in the greater Everglades. Zach also provides analytical support for the various reports found below.


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Major Reports

Jennings N. D., Z. Butler, J. C. Nifong, L. A. Brandt, and F. J. Mazzotti. 2020. Why are there skinny alligators? Establishing hematological and blood chemistry reference values for alligators in South Florida. Final Performance Report to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 55pp.

Cole J. M., C. Klovanish, Z. Butler, M. A. Miller, and F. J. Mazzotti. 2020. Removal of Argentine Black and White Tegus in southern Miami-Dade County. 2020 Final Report to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33pp.